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The project operator, Idėjų Valda UAB, and research partner, KTU, have joined forces to develop a risk assessment and management model for sales processes which will help companies identify and manage risks in the trading chain with the help of artificial intelligence and great business data management systems. The risks arising from the trade chain will be assessed in three stages:

kredito reitingtas

Risk assessment of individual business partners and entire customer portfolio

– Assessing the risk and financial condition of individual business partners and entire customer portfolio by integrating data from multiple databases.
– Business partner ratings forecasted by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Risk identification of a particular transaction

Checking the terms and conditions of legal contracts (e.g., Incoterms) and VAT terms and conditions to avoid the risks associated with tax evasion.

Logistics risk management

– Cargo Tracking Management Module, with “online” GPS tracking of cargo location.
– Information about the logistics chain (photos of loading and unloading points, information about truck scales, etc.).

Financing and credit insurance

The main priority of the development is buyer debt insurance and financing of the buyer portfolio and the trading chain.

Project promoter

Applicant: Idėjų Valda UAB, which provides financial management services. When proposing or making financial management decisions, special attention is paid to business risk management. Twenty years of know-how in finance and risk management enables us to understand business needs and to try to develop universal risk management solutions which would be widely applicable and would meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies operating in the European Union.

Project partner

Partner: Kaunas University of Technology (hereafter – KTU), a recognized leader in many fields of technology and physical sciences. KTU is recognised for its excellent study infrastructure and is distinguished as one of the universities with the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology and equipment for scientific research in the fields of engineering, technology and computer science. KTU is renowned for its long-term relationship with business and a broad spectrum of technology-related studies and research. KTU strives to create the appropriate conditions for providing quality research services to businesses on a one-stop-shop basis and to enhance the interaction between science and business. The aim of the participation of KTU scientists in the project is to develop the intellectual part of the customer risk assessment model by creating a specific artificial intelligence algorithm for a technological prototype according to which the risk management part would be programmed, while simultaneously describing the issues and processes in the scientific work.

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Project team

Prof. Gerda Žigienė

Project Manager
Project Principal Researcher

Coordination of project activities
Performance of research activities

Audrius Nekrošius

Risk Process Assessment Expert
Leadership performing the EP activities of the project. Analysis of technology market, presentation of critical features and functionality, assessment of product development opportunities.

Assoc. Prof. Egidijus Rybakovas

Project Senior Researcher
Performance of research activities

Prof. Robertas Alzbutas

Project Principal Researcher
Performance of research activities

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas

Project Researcher
Performance of research activities

Inga Kudrevičiūtė

Risk Assessment Specialist

Prof. Rimgailė Vaitkienė

Project Principal Researcher
Performance of research activities

Prof. Monika Petraitė

Project Principal Researcher
Performance of research activities

Kamilė Baltrušonė

Information Systems Architect



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